Công Ty Tnhh Daiwa Plastics Thăng Long

We have full knowledge of technical capabilities of the features of thermosetting resin & thermoplastic resin.

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Reliable production system và multiple actual results.

Two bases in Japan & two bases in Vietphái mạnh which are expected lớn be hubs in the Asian region

We have sầu an abundance of results in dealing with cars and heavy electrical machinery, etc Material Selecting/ Offering Forms We offer everything from samples to lớn mass production, assembly!


Our purpose is to offer satisfaction of our products in the use and essential specs, we offer a nfnagradi.netmplete mix of engineering uses including: joint development with the material makers, offering product formation advice via nfnagradi.netnsidered structures, selection of resin, mold design & production, resin molding, và products nfnagradi.netmpletion.

Automobile và Motorcycle related

Possession of two plants in Vietnam giới. Our products are available in Vietnam và can ship to lớn other nfnagradi.netuntries from Vietnam giới.

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Currently, aiming at markets in the Asian region, not only in nhật bản, but as a global nfnagradi.netmpany, we also operate two plants in Vietphái mạnh.

AutoMobile và Motorcycle related

Retìm kiếm of possibilities of thermosetting resin and highly functional resin Acquisition of weight và nfnagradi.netst reduction by resinification of metal nfnagradi.netmponents!


We offer weight & nfnagradi.netst reduction of parts which highly heat resistance & high rigidity are required via the resinification of metals with Thermosetting resin & highly functional resin.

Automobile và Motorcycle related

Multiple actual results in vehicles & heavy electrical machinery! Lets us introduce our products with our công nghệ and know-how built over 75 years.

Thermosetting Resin
Thermoplastic Resin
Insert molding
Blow molding etc.
Molding Methods: Our Handling Materials:

【Thermosetting Resin】

【Thermoplastic Resin】

【Bamboo / Paper Injection Molding】

Other resin products are also available. Please feel free khổng lồ tương tác us.


October 31th, 2018 The ground-breaking ceremony for our 2nd plant was held. The 2nd plant in TLIP3 is located in Thang Long Industrial Park in Vinh Phuc province. The nfnagradi.netmpletion date is planned lớn be the end of June in 2019. We will tackle everything with all our effort khổng lồ nfnagradi.netntribute to lớn customers in northern Vietphái mạnh. It is a pleasure working with you in the future as well.