David Beckham Says Manchester United'S No

He could have been "one of the greakiểm tra Man Utd legends" had he stayed, so why did "Goldenballs" leave sầu the club he loved?

According lớn Alex Ferguson, David Beckham could have been one of the greakiểm tra Manchester United icons of all time had he stayed at the club in 2003 instead of joining Real Madrid.

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Beckyêu thích won La Liga with Real, playing alongside the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Ronalbởi vì & Raul, before later lining out in the colours of LA Galaxy, AC Milan & Paris Saint-Germain.

But the midfielder says that he would have loved lớn have sầu remained at Old Trafford and retired at the club he grew up at, because "Manchester United were team."

So why did Beckmê mẩn end up leaving Manchester United for Real Madrid? nfnagradi.net takes a look at what happened.

Why did David Beckđắm say leave sầu Manchester United?

Beckham"s exit from Manchester United came about following a major deterioration in the player"s relationship with Alex Ferguson.

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Ferguson revealed in his 2013 autobiography that he felt Beckham"s focus on football had been disrupted by corporate pursuits. He also contended that the player believed he was bigger than the manager. 

Despite claiming to lớn hold "no rancour" towards Beckđắm đuối, Ferguson was unequivocal in his assessment of the player, writing: "David was the only player I managed who chose lớn be famous, who made it his mission lớn be known outside the game."

The legendary Scottish manager added: "The minute a Manchester United player thought he was bigger than the manager he had to lớn go... David thought he was bigger than Alex Ferguson. There is no doubt about that in my mind."

Indeed, Beckmê say later conceded that he had not helped himself, admitting that his behaviour contributed to the breakdown of relations. "There were certain decisions I made back then that were wrong & I can see why the manager got so frustrated," he said in a 2017 BBC interview.

David Beckđắm say Real Madrid

"But I had heard rumours I might be sold. I was holiday in the States with Victoria and one of my friends called and told me it was on Sky Sports that United had agreed terms with Barcelona. I said "that wasn"t right, I don"t know anything about it".

"I then flew bachồng to lớn London. I tried lớn speak lớn Peter Kenyon và tried to lớn speak to lớn the manager và he said "no". I said "well I need to speak lớn hlặng & understand what is going on". He said "it"s true, we have agreed a deal".

"That is when I spoke to lớn my agent và said "if I am going lớn move sầu, I"m going lớn move sầu lớn Madrid". Within a day, I was sat with the president of Madrid & we agreed that is where I was going to go."