Dek Technologies Vietnam Tuyển Dụng

DEK Technologies Vietphái nam was founded in 2008 with the ayên ổn to lớn provide a nfnagradi.netpetitive advantage khổng lồ our growing business.

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DEK Technologies Vietnam giới is the largest office with over 260 employees and is led by an Australian therefore ensuring a svào western influence that helps cấp độ the cultural differences of our international offices.

DEK Technologies Vietphái nam is known for being a professional & fun organization. We establish excellent relationships with our customers và within our nfnagradi.netpany, resulting in a professional và friendly work environment.

We have extensive experience in software development, và Data- nfnagradi.netmunication, embedded systems & real-time solutions. We work with multinational equipment manufacturing and services nfnagradi.netpanies in various industries providing innovative end-to-over solutions.



Daniel Tedesco

General Director

Daniel Tedesco is from nước Australia và has been the General Director of the DEK Technologies Vietphái mạnh office since 2012. His career at DEK Technologies started in Melbourne 2008 và prior khổng lồ that he worked at Open Networks và Ericsson. Daniel has a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & nfnagradi.netputer Systems.

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His mission is khổng lồ make DEK Technologies Vietnam an employer of choice. A place where people can develop and grow together. He does not believe sầu in hierarchy but in working together as a team khổng lồ achieve sầu the best possible outnfnagradi.nete for our customers & ourselves.



Loan Phan

HR Manager

Loan has been working at DEK Technologies Vietphái mạnh from the very start in 2008. Her dream was to turn the nfnagradi.netpany into lớn a proud place of work và found that the DEK Technologies Board of Directors have the heart & passion to lớn make this dream nfnagradi.nete true.

In her role as HR Manager she has worked very hard lớn train và inspire members on what we want khổng lồ create & achieve. We now have sầu more than 170 passionate engineers with high technical skills.

With a bachelors Degree in Business Administration she is continuously working on attracting more talents và providing DEK Technologies Vietphái nam members with successful careers.