How To Download An Entire Facebook Album In Just A Few Clicks

Facebook is a treasure trove sầu of photos and videos of you & your friends. Here"s how to tải về Facebook photos & videos.

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Facebook is a treasure trove of photos and videos of you and your friends. So here"s how to tải về Facebook photos and videos khổng lồ your computer or phone.

We"ll show you the official methods as well as third-buổi tiệc ngọt Facebook phokhổng lồ downloader apps. Allowing you khổng lồ tải về your photos, your friends" photos, and videos.

How lớn Download Facebook Photos

download a full-size image of any picture on Facebook
If you want to save a single pholớn on Facebook, don"t bother with third-party apps or websites. Facebook itself offers an easy downloader tool.

You can use this method to lớn tải về Facebook photos. It"s as simple as that. However, lớn tải về your friends" Facebook photos, their Facebook photo privacy settings should allow for it.

how to download a full photo lớn album from Facebook
If you want lớn tải về a Facebook album from your own protệp tin, Facebook has a simple method lớn vị that. Again, you don"t need any third-buổi tiệc nhỏ downloader apps for this.

Browse to your protệp tin by clicking your own name. Go to Photos > Albums. mở cửa the album that you want to download. In the top-right corner, cliông xã the cog ibé and clichồng Download Album.

Facebook will get lớn work zipping up all of the pictures. Depending on the size of the album, this can take some time. Once it"s done, you will get a notification telling you that the album is ready to tải về.

The downloaded album comes as a .zip file. Extract it lớn get all the pictures.

How to tải về all your facebook photos and videos

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There is also a simple method lớn download all photos from Facebook that you have sầu ever uploaded. You will even get them in the right sub-folders by album. But the names of the files can be a little strange.

Here"s the easy Facebook photo downloader offered by Facebook itself:

Cliông xã Your Facebook information in the sidebar. Tap Download your information. Click Deselect all, then select only the Photos và videos box. Choose the quality of the image files. I recommkết thúc changing Medium to lớn High if you want full-resolution copies. The setting you choose will determine the form size of the file. If you have a lot of pictures, this will increase the tệp tin kích thước and the time taken to get it ready. Clichồng Create File.

Facebook will take some time khổng lồ get the .zip tệp tin ready, depending on how many photos & videos you have sầu on Facebook. This can be several gigabytes too. Once it"s done, you will get a notification to lớn tải về it from Available Files. Download and unzip it to lớn see all of your images, with albums as sub-folders.

VNHero Studio is the best facebook downloader app
The name is a mouthful, but VNHero Studio"s Download Videos and Photos: Facebook & Instagram is the best Facebook picture downloader ứng dụng out there. It"s không tính phí, it"s super easy khổng lồ use, và it works for videos too.

With this app, you can tải về your own photos & albums, & your friends" Facebook pholớn albums too. You can also tìm kiếm for users or pages, và download photos và videos from there. The tiện ích menu has quiông xã links for pages you have sầu liked, saved videos và images, & bookmarks.

Tap "Your Photos" for your own pictures, or "From Friends" to lớn browse for someone in your friends danh sách. The "Search Users" box is lớn find a user or a page. Then browse lớn the album you want. Here, you can download all photos in the album or select a few to save sầu. The method also works for videos.

Download: VNHero Studio"s Download Videos & Photos: Facebook & Instagram for Android (Free)

While Facebook makes it easy khổng lồ download your own albums, it doesn"t let you save a friend"s albums. Most Facebook phokhổng lồ album downloader apps don"t work. The best working tiện ích we found is a third-tiệc nhỏ Chrome extension called DownAlbum.

Be warned, DownAlbum isn"t easy lớn use. However, our recommended phầm mềm is only available on Android, so if you want a Facebook pholớn album downloader ứng dụng that"s not on Android, here"s how to use DownAlbum.

On your desktop, create a new folder called DownAlbum. Open Facebook và browse khổng lồ a friend"s photo album. Once the DownAlbum icon turns orange, clichồng it. In the dropdown thực đơn, cliông chồng Normal. Cliông chồng OK on any confirmation dialog boxes, & wait for DownAlbum khổng lồ load all of the photos. Wait for it khổng lồ load; it can take some time. The new tab has instructions on how to download your friend"s Facebook photos to your computer. You"ll need lớn press Ctrl+S on Windows và Linux or CMD+S on macOS. Save it as Webpage, Complete inside the DownAlbum thư mục on your desktop. This will generate an HTML tệp tin as well as a thư mục with all the pictures in it. Cthảm bại Chrome, và then on your computer go khổng lồ the folder in DownAlbum. Cut and paste the pictures in any other thư mục of your choice, và then delete all files in the DownAlbum thư mục.
Pictures on Facebook have a simple Download button. But videos don"t have sầu any such easy way lớn tải về them. is one of the easiest website apps khổng lồ save Facebook videos. It works on both desktop computers và smartphones.

mở cửa the Facebook Clip & copy its liên kết. Cliông chồng Download Video in HD Quality or Normal Quality, and start downloading. Optional: In case the video clip plays in your window instead of downloading, go baông chồng lớn the previous page. Right-clichồng on Download Video in HD Quality, choose Save sầu link as... và tải về it to lớn the thư mục of your choice.

It should work like a charm. The downloaded tệp tin will be in MP4 format, which should be fine for most people. The method works on điện thoại browsers as well. However, iOS users will need to lớn bởi it on Firefox as you can"t use Safari or Chrome.

FBDown also has a handy extension for Google Chrome on desktop. When you are playing a Facebook Clip, click the extension icon to lớn download it to your computer.


Download: FBDown for Chrome (Free)

There are lots of other sites that work the same as FBDown, so don"t be afraid to lớn try those. Now that you can save sầu FB videos, you might want lớn go back & tìm kiếm for old videos you liked. To help you vì chưng that, here"s how to lớn find videos on Facebook.

How to lớn Download Your Entire Facebook History

Apart from photos và videos, Facebook has a ton of other information about you. The company is also notorious for (allegedly) misusing its users" data. Plus, the social network can shut down your trương mục any time it wants, causing you khổng lồ thua kém all of that data.

The above methods let you download photos and videos easily, but you might want to consider backing up your Facebook history as well. So here"s how khổng lồ tải về your entire Facebook history.

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