How to download a video from facebook

Though you can save sầu Facebook posts lớn watch later, you might want to lớn tải về videos you find on your Facebook feed. Whether it’s a how-to đoạn phim you want lớn save for when you’re working on a project or a funny đoạn phim you want to mô tả with friends, you can tải về Facebook videos from your feed to lớn your device in just a few simple steps.

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How to download a video from Facebook using a computer


This triông xã only works on and won’t work on the phầm mềm, so you’ll need to go lớn Facebook on your browser first. Then, find the đoạn Clip you want lớn download, select Share > Copy Link.


A little box with the video’s URL will pop up. Copy the liên kết & then paste it in a new tab or the window’s address bar. Then, change the www in the address to lớn mbasic. So, for example, if the video’s URL is, you would change it lớn

Once you’re done, tap Enter on your keyboard. This changes the address lớn a di động basic interface address, allowing you lớn download the video. If you’ve sầu done this right, the screen will look funny, like you are trying khổng lồ look at the Facebook ứng dụng on your browser.

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Next, right-cliông xã on the video and choose mở cửa Link In New Tab from the menu. In the new tab, the Clip won’t have any Facebook additions like comments or a lượt thích button. It will just be the đoạn phim.


From there, right-cliông chồng on the đoạn phim & select Save sầu video clip As … from the thực đơn. Then, save sầu it to lớn your computer lượt thích you normally would any other đoạn Clip or pholớn. With the Clip stored on your computer, you can open it khổng lồ launch in your standard video clip player.

How lớn download a Facebook video clip from the app

It is a bit more challenging to lớn tải về Facebook videos from the phầm mềm than using a computer, but you can bởi it. First, you’ll need to download a third-tiệc nhỏ phầm mềm khổng lồ your phone that gives the Facebook app extra features. For this demonstration, we used the Friendly for Facebook ứng dụng.

After you tải về the ứng dụng, it will ask you lớn log into your Facebook account. Then, the tiện ích will open up Facebook, và it will look lượt thích you are using the official Facebook app.

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To locate the đoạn phim you want to lớn tải về, tap the cloud arrow inhỏ near the top of the phầm mềm. From the menu that pops up, tap on the Videos option, then tap the download symbol next lớn the video clip you want khổng lồ download. That’s it — the video clip will tải về và save sầu khổng lồ your phone.

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