Manchester United has kicked off the week by celebrating the football club reaching 50m followers on Facebook.

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Having launched the Facebook page in July 2010, the football club has said it is the fasdemo a sports organisation has reached the landmark.

Manchester United’s group managing director, Richard Arnold, said: “This is a fantastic achievement and one that the club is extremely proud of. Our millions of passionate fans around the world help khổng lồ preserve Manchester United’s status as a global leader & innovator in its field.

“With this in mind, we are constantly looking how we can improve sầu and expvà our offering lớn our fans, making sure that as many of our 659 million followers across the globe can get ever closer lớn the club they love sầu.”

To celebrate, the club is creating celebratory videos, images & a mosaic which fans are being encouraged khổng lồ sign-up lớn be part of.

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This comes as the club has announced a multi-year sponsorship giảm giá with Korean pharmaceutical company Cho-A Pharm khổng lồ become Manchester United’s official pharmaceuticals partner of in Korea và Vietnam.

Cho-A Pharm will introduce various integrated sale và social initiatives in Korea and Vietphái nam as part of the relationship.

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