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This is a full lưu ý 7FE firmware port with android version 7.0Read the instructions và the F.A.Q Before installing the rom or posting a reply.You are not allowed to lớn use this base, if you want to lớn make a nougat rom, "DIY"Any sort of File Kanging will be reported without hesitation, we know our codes. How to report new Bugs..

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If the bug does not have sầu notes, or not listed then follow these simple steps Method 1 : provide a logCat (Mobile) OR Use Then provide detailed explanation of the problem & how to lớn recreate itMethod 2 : The ROM has an Auto lớn Logmèo service, Using any root explorer, navigate to lớn /Data/HeliosLogger/Refined**.txt And Upload that tệp tin with a detailed explanation of the problem (Especially for FCs!)P..S : That file is backedup on each boot. since 6.0When you are done with the report, follow this POST lớn post the problem & follow the same scheme used, either quote that post or mention my ID to lớn notify me
Is this custom firmware suitable for you ?You are able khổng lồ understvà the nature of custom ROMs & especially Ported Roms with Higher Android Version, and that they are never truly BuglessYou are ready lớn give sầu up on some functionality (bugs) và ready lớn sacrifice on some ease of use in some areas (mentioned below)You are ready lớn use a ROM that will have sầu basic CAMERA functionality (1080Phường recording, 3rd party camera is almost mandatory)You are able to understvà Basic "English" và have the ability lớn underst& AND follow instructionsYou are not a nit picky person who is on the hunt khổng lồ find Bugs that vày not affect daily usage severely (Legit bug reports are welcome)You are capable of Finding 3rd các buổi party apps that might fix some bugs that might show from this romYou are Aware và take responsibility for any Damages caused by YOU or the CustomFirmware weather thats a failed alarm or a 2018 note 7If the Answer to lớn the above questions was "YES" please continue with the Post. if the answer to lớn ANY is "NO" Please go Here And install a different Firmware. if you Lied và still felt obliged to spam the thread with reposted questions, lazy questions, stuff that are in F.A.Q và so on, i encourage everyone in this thread to IGNORE YOU and skip your question as it was never there.

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Fully ported lưu ý 7FE FirmwareAndroid 7.0DeodexedSlightly debloatedZipalignedoptimisedSame Battery as Stoông chồng if not betterFull Samsung experience 8.1 without missing vital appsRooted with MagiskBusyBoxAnd all the goodies Nougat bringsPort Features :-
Fully featured Note7 systemOreo Edge PanelsScrollCaptureScreenWriteNative BlurBixbyHomeExclusive sầu samsung appsSsecure/Secure Wifi etcImproved performanceBunch of S9 AppsOfficial status in settingsPrivateModeNative sầu AppLockWifi S-SecureNative sầu Screen Videorecorder1600 Fonts ModSprotectLive sầu DrawingMany prop tweaksMany more goodiesKernel :-HeliosKernel 2.0Optimized for refinedGCC 6.1.1 For massive sầu performanceOverclocking tư vấn for both CPU/GPUTons of CPU/IO GovernorsBlueLightFilterALL Exynos variants support for nougatvà many more goodies you can traông chồng in git or change-logs

Download and copy the ROM khổng lồ your device external SDthẻ (preferred)Wipe everything (SYSTEM,DATA,CACHE,DALVIK và preferably Internal storage all together)Flash the ROM.ZIP and wait uplớn 15 minutes for first reboot.Setup your rom and READ the F.A.Q for more information.



A.R.I.S.E Team for V4AriseAnd big thanks to my eliteTeam và DevKingsTeamThanks for the best testers you could wish for :

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