Vietnamese keyboard windows 10

I will show you how khổng lồ phối up Vietnamese keyboard on your computer. Although there is on-screen Vietnamese keyboard khổng lồ install, my recommendation is lớn learn typing Vietnamese because it is more efficient & can actually help you learn the language!

In general, there are two main input method: TELEX và VNI. This instruction will go with TELEX (recommended for beginers).

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Mac OS has a built-in Vietnamese keyboard already. You only need to lớn go to System Preferences, choose Keyboard, then choose tab Input Sources. Clichồng the plus ibé (+), choose the language (Vietnamese) và select input đầu vào method as Simple Telex (Telex is fine, there is no difference).

It should look like this:


Add Vietnamese keyboard on mac

Next, you must tick the box that say Use modern orthography as shown in this screenshot:


The only difference between traditional và modern orthography is that the tonal mark in modern orthography is placed on the second vowel in a diphthong (oà, otrần, oẻ, oá, oả…) while it is placed on the first vowel (òa, òe, ỏe, óa, ỏa…) in traditional orthography.

You should use the modern orthography

To change your keyboard back lớn English, cliông xã on Telex at the top right corner of your screen & choose English.

You may need khổng lồ use a third-buổi tiệc nhỏ software to lớn type Vietnamese. It is called Evkey and can be downloaded for free at

cảnh báo that this program is virus-không tính tiền và has been used by majority of Vietnamese for years. Windows 10 is also supported.

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Go to and choose Download on the bottom side. Under Evkey 3.4.5 (this is the latest version 2019). You will download a ZIPhường. file. After extracting the tệp tin, run the exe file. A control menu will appear but in Vietnamese interface. Please follow the instructions in the image below:




You can always check it at the bottom right corner lớn see if it shows E (English) or V (Vietnamese). You can type Vietnamese when it shows V. Click on it lớn switch between Vietnamese & English.

Note: Windows 10 & 8.1 bởi vì have built-in Vietnamese keyboard and you just need to tải về the language paông chồng from Microsoft. However, they are likely to lớn have sầu VNI đầu vào method only and very limited options. If there is a dem& for VNI đầu vào method, I will post a separate instruction later. Additionally, I cannot confirm if Windows 8, 7 or earlier have built-in Vietnamese keyboard. The easiest way is lớn use Evkey or Unikey.

Thanksyou & goodfuny :)

For u/gui_tou and everybody!

Thanks for the detailed instruction.

FYI: Here is Unikey, the original Vietnamese Unicode input:

Of course my friover. But in this article, I recommend to lớn everyone use the newer Vietnamese keyboard is Evkey

As noted above, the native sầu Windows input đầu vào method outputs different characters. You can see for yourself by pasting these characters into

UniKey, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux:



Mixing the two types can cause all sorts of problems. The UniKey method is more common, so it is highly recommended if you have sầu the option.