Microsoft windows server 2003 enterprise r2 sp2 iso + key

The mid-range functioning windows server-based system is the Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard operating system. The windows server 2003 R2 had a staggering entry when it was released inkhổng lồ the market. the response from the users was that they could find an overhaul improvement from the previous versions of windows lớn the lachạy thử versions in terms of tốc độ, compatibility, & reliability when dealing with extreme and demanding software. There was a huge expectancy from windows when it came khổng lồ dealing with the outlook & performance category of the server-based operating systems.

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Windows Server 2003 R2 ISO free –

Now that the overall performance of the windows hệ thống 2003 made a good impact in the market with its release, there were several features that made the windows VPS 2003 a better server-based operating system compared khổng lồ others.

1. Internet Firewall

The firewall facilities of the mạng internet were given a boost and the security framework became extremely enhanced that they were a tough server to lớn break inlớn. The complex protocols that were embedded in the software were so complex that Microsoft successfully implemented the first và best firewall security system. this made sure that you had a good time while browsing & also protected you from malicious software. The security enhancements also served protection to all the computers connected to lớn the VPS.

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2. Remote Access

This is perhaps one of the ground-breaking features that enabled Microsoft to revolutionize connectivity. The remote access made sure that the systems connected to lớn the VPS can be remotely accessed.

Download Windows Server 2003 R2 ISO (32-bit and 64 bit)
The Minimal CPU cloông xã speed must be around 132MHz. the optimal requirement to lớn make sure that there is no hassle in implementing the features of the operating system is around 550 MHzThe minimum RAM requirement is around 128MB that will vị the minimal cấp độ of processing in the system. the optimal requirement of RAM will be around 256MB. The Maximum requirement on the standard VPS may go about 4GB.The hard disk space required is around 1.5GB to store all the installation files of the operating systemCD-ROM drive must be a 12X support configuration.The Monitor requirements are that it must be a super card VGA capable of supporting a resolution of 800X600.

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Download Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard ISO tệp tin download

The Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard ISO can be downloaded from the below link. Make sure that you have sầu the minimal number of requirements met before you proceed with the installation và it is always wise và smart khổng lồ have sầu a baông chồng up of all your system files in a hard disk.

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