Windows 7 Professional Product Key For Free 100% Working

Searching for the right Windows 7 Product key can waste a lot of your precious time. I personally waste many hours but all I get is false or kém chất lượng keys. Even though many people requested me through the contact page and even through gmail regarding this issue.

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So now I have sầu finally heard your voice and to overcome this problem I finally come up with 100% working and genuine license for your WinOS. Make sure to stiông xã with this guide till the end as I have a hidden surprise for you. Cheông xã out Windows 10 Product key

What is Product Key?

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1 What is Product Key?
2 Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key
3 Windows 7 Professional Product Key
4 Windows 7 Product Key For All Editions 2021
5 How to lớn Find Windows 7 Product Key
6 How To Activate Windows 7 Without Product Keys?
7 Windows 7 License Key Price
8 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
8.1 Is Windows 7 Product Keys Still Work in 2021?
8.2 Can I Activate Windows Without License Key?
8.3 What happens if you don’t activate windows 7?
8.4 How vị I extover the windows 7 trial?
9 Conclusion

A Windows license key is a 14 numbers characters that are used to activate this Operating System. This license contains information which helps them to recognise if it is kém chất lượng or legal. Whenever a user installs Windows OS on their machine it will ask them khổng lồ activate using a product key. If they bởi not have this license then they can only use it for 15 days as a trial.

This is basically used to lớn avoid the software from piracy as every software has its own license without them they are useless. Similarly, when a user doesn’t own a license He/She will not be able khổng lồ use most of the Windows 7 features.

These include receiving of OTA updates, cannot change Theme, cannot modify several settings, will see an annoying watermark on their screens.

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key


Just like Windows 10 this Operating System also has various editions that are trang chủ Premium, Ultimate, Professional, Starter, trang chủ Basic và some others. These editions are different as you may find some features in Ultimate but not in professional.

Even though due to lớn more features the price of all these editions is different as well. The costly Windows 7 edition is the Ultimate as it has every feature that anyone should need. For example, with this edition, you will get the facility of BitLocker, it supports 35 languages, Virtual Desktop, AppLocker & so on.

This is the reason why it has its own product key so when you try khổng lồ use the professional key on an Ultimate you will face the invalid key issue. That’s why make sure khổng lồ copy only the Ultimate key to avoid this issue and get your windows activated miễn phí of cost.

Windows 7 Professional Product Key


As we already talked about in the above sầu paragraph that every edition is different from another. Similarly Windows 7 Professional is way too different from the Ultimate not only with features but also has price difference.

This professional edition costs $158 while the ultimate edition costs you around $119, it is because of the features.

In this version, you will get some advanced option that includes Support of the Dynamic Disks, Encryption of Files (similar to lớn BitLocker but not secure lượt thích this). It also comes with the presentation mode which is most used by Universities & Colleges.

Instead of this, the best feature that this build provides is the option to Go back to lớn the Windows XP SP3 version. Similarly, Windows 7 Professional keys are different from other editions so make sure only copy the key that is provided above.

Windows 7 Product Key For All Editions 2021

Windows 7 EditionProduct Key
Home BasicV6V3G-9DB2T-BD4VC-44JVQ-6BVR2
trang chủ PremiumTWF78-W7H8T-KXD8C-YDFCQ-HK4WG
Enterprise EC29WB-22CC8-VJ326-GHFJW-H9DH4

Since I have already provided the Windows 7 sản phẩm key for the most famous editions but still some people use other versions. So, below are the license for every Windows version make sure khổng lồ read the version name before copying.

How khổng lồ Find Windows 7 Product Key

At some point you already activated Windows và now wanted to lớn reinstall it but forget the original key and now want lớn learn how lớn find it. Then here is the quiông xã guide that can help you to easily find Windows 7 hàng hóa key from a laptop or PC.

To find the windows 7 sản phẩm key just follow the below steps:

Cliông chồng on Start Menu & tìm kiếm for CMD or Commvà Prompt.Right-cliông xã on CDM and select Run as Administrator.In Command Prompt insert the following command

Now just hit enter and it will ask for Administrator Password just type & hit enter again, Here in the next Screen, you will see the license key of your Windows.


How To Activate Windows 7 Without Product Keys?

There are still many people who are struggling with the activation of Windows 7 even if they find the key. Because this Operating System is one of the oldest & most used OS ever after Windows XP.. This is the reason why almost every key is already used or is being blocked by Microsoft.

To overcome this issue I have sầu a bonus guide for you in which you don’t need any type of license key but a small program. This program is completely không tính phí from virus, malware, trojans and other malicious code so don’t worry about this anymore.

However, the best part is it works on every Windows 7 edition you are using and it will automatically detect it. Instead of this, it can be used on both architectures whether it is x32-bit or x64-bit.

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Ok, so the tool which we are going lớn use is Windows 7 Loader. If you want lớn learn more about this amazing tool just don’t forget to kiểm tra out this guide: Windows 7 Loader v2.2.2 by Team Daz

Now let’s move sầu to lớn our step by step guide on activate Windows 7 without a product key:

First download Windows Loader from hereAfter downloading make sure lớn disable any Antivirut Tool & Windows Defender as well.Now extract the zip file that you downloaded in the first step và then open that folder.In this folder, you will find Windows Loader.exe file so right-clichồng on it & Run as Administrator.It will launch a program where you can see the information of Windows installed and your machine. From here stay on the Installation Tab section và then just cliông chồng the Install button.The program will take a few second lớn install, when it installed you can simply see the status is now activated.

That’s it now you have sầu activated Windows 7 without a license key và this will work on every edition you are using. Even though this activation will last forever and Microsoft will never ever ban this license it means complete peace of mind

Windows 7 License Key Price

Now at some point, you feel uncomfortable in using a pirated key và want a legal license for Windows 7 then here is the price chart that you should need. The pricing of this Operating System starts from $129 in which you can get trang chủ Premium. While lớn purchase the license for the Profession edition it will cost you around $199.

the last and my favourite edition is Windows 7 Ultimate và this amazing edition will cost you $219. The reason why it is expensive is already mentioned above.

Now for those who are seeking to lớn purchase its license, I have sầu bad news for you as Microsoft has discontinued this OS và now they are not selling it anymore. But fortunately, there are some third-buổi tiệc nhỏ sellers who are still selling it.

To buy Windows 7 license just follow the link given below:

Microsoft Windows 7 Pro Edition 32bit/64bit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As we already know the activation process và got the product keys as well now many people still have sầu some doubts in their mind. So, if you are also one of them make sure lớn read this list as these are the most asked questions on the mạng internet.

If your question is different from this list don’t forget to ask in the phản hồi section I would really love sầu to lớn help you & will be glad lớn answer the questions.

Is Windows 7 Product Keys Still Work in 2021?

Yes, Windows 7 product keys that I have listed above are still working in 2021. However, as many people have already used it might not work. But don’t worry still you can follow my guide that will help khổng lồ activate it without any serial key.

Can I Activate Windows Without License Key?

Yes, of course, we can activate this Windows without having any serial key but for this, we need a tool called Windows 7 Loader. This is the best và free tool that will help in activating all the edition totally không tính tiền and give a lifetime license.

What happens if you don’t activate windows 7?

When we don’t activate Windows 7 after 30-days of the trial it will show you an annoying watermark và you will stop receiving updates from Microsft. Even though Windows defender will not work and you will see dark background as it cannot be changed as well.

How do I extkết thúc the windows 7 trial?

To extover the trial of this Window we need a command và this will work only three times so we can extkết thúc the trial for 1trăng tròn days. To extend the trial just follow the steps that are given below.

Clichồng Start Button or Windows key và tìm kiếm for CMDRight-clichồng on Command Prompt & Run as an Administrator.Type slmgr -rearm commvà and hit enter.It will restart your PC after this you can see the trial is extended for more than 30-days.


The above sầu provided Windows 7 Product key are working 100% và are tested by myself. All the versions have a different license so don’t forget khổng lồ check the name before copying.

If the key is being used much time or you face not working or an invalid key error then just kiểm tra out the above sầu guide in which I explain the activation process without a key.

Also, if you have any other working serial then make sure khổng lồ contribute it here as it will help many visitors. If the key works, I will also add it here so it can help more and more visitors.

Also, don’t forget to lớn giới thiệu your experience after using Windows 7 Loader. It will help others to lớn understvà this tool & by doing this other people can also learn it is working or not.